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Meet our Inventor and Founder, Dr. Stoll

Dr. Stuart Stoll, M.D. is a well respected Ophthalmologist in Beverly Hills, CA that knew there had to be a better way..

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insEYEt, LLC

Ophthalmic Surgical Training Devices

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  • SimuloRhexis
  • SimulEye - Small Pupil
  • SimulEye - YAG
  • SimulEye - SLT
  • SimulEye - Retina Laser
  • SimulEye - Femto
  • SimulEye - Anterior Segment 
  • SimulEye - PPV
  • SimulEye - Phaco

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insEYEt, LLC offers innovative ophthalmic solutions through surgical training devices. These model eyes allow residents and experienced surgeons to learn or refine their techniques. They also allow companies to showcase and train surgeons on their products.